The First Attempt: Vanilla

Today was a big day, the first of many days in which I will spend making ice cream. With high hopes, I set out my ingredients and got to work. This was a custard-based vanilla that seemed totally normal.

Right off the bat, I had to make some adjustments because I don’t own whole vanilla beans (I have no clue where I would even acquire a vanilla bean). So instead I put in vanilla bean paste, which was as close as I could get. It was supposed to simmer for 30 minutes, but that seemed a little excessive being that I wasn’t trying to extract the flavor from a bean.

1-Vanilla 585.JPG

Cream, Milk and Vanilla Bean Paste

Next up, added 1 egg, 2 egg yolks and some sugar to a bowl and beat until it was a pale yellow.

2-Vanilla 613.JPG

Eggs and Sugar. Note the yellow-y yellow color

Then you had to temper the milk/cream into the eggs, so they wouldn’t scramble. All seemed to be going well, I was making my first ice cream!

But, I spoke too soon.

When all the ingredients were combined over low heat, they were supposed to form a custard. Well I mixed and mixed until I came up with something that looked like cheesy grits.

Yup, that’s not even close to ice cream.

It was not exactly what you would hope for when making something you want to create for the rest of your life.

4-Vanilla 666.JPG

I’m sorry you have to see this, but I want you to know that it doesn’t always go right the first time!

I enlisted the help of my mom for the second attempt. No stranger to making vanilla, she guided me along, showing me what each step should’ve looked like.

Turned out that my first attempt wasn’t going as well as I thought it was. The pale yellow wasn’t pale enough or thick enough, and difference between custard and grits is about three seconds.

8-Vanilla 645.JPG

So much paler right? I had to beat it for about three times as long

3-Vanilla 655.JPG

My dear mother shows me how its done. Custard can smell fear, I swear.

It chilled in the fridge for 2 hours before it got churned. Everything was nice and cold, so it only took about 20 minutes.

I almost broke my poor ice cream machine already because it was straining to turn, while I was forgetting about it.

5-Vanilla 671.JPG


6-Vanilla 677.JPG


Scooped into my reusable pint and plopped into the freezer, my very first ice cream was made (not without a few taste bites first; for the sake of science!).

7-Vanilla 682.JPG

Overall, I’m pretty proud of my first ice cream, even though I wasn’t able to do it 100% independently.

Lessons learned:

  • When in doubt, ask mom if it looks right.
  • Patience is required in high doses for this dessert.
  • If you want an easy dessert to make, try brownies from a box.


  • It has a good texture
  • The specks of vanilla look really pretty
  • It is a nice color and a genuine vanilla bean flavor


  • Because it is a custard-based ice cream, you can taste faint traces of the egg-y flavor. I could identify there beings eggs in there (Alanna Fun Fact #1: I don’t like eggs).
  • Vanilla is not my flavor of choice. So even though I made this, I don’t know if I will go out of my way to eat it plain. But add some toppings and I’ll eat it up.

Well, there you have it! Vanilla ice cream ✓

Next up… I’m not sure yet. But I’ll let you know soon! Happy Easter!

Scoop ya later! Alanna Rose


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