Bruster’s Ice Cream

With school back in full swing, I’m afraid I don’t have much time to  be making new ice cream. But that doesn’t stop me from eating it!


Nothing more magical than a silhouetted cone

One of my very favorite scoop shops in my area is Bruster’s Ice Cream. This shop has held many fond memories through the years.

I used to come here every single Tuesday night with my aunt, after we went horseback riding. After grooming  horses in the middle of summer, we couldn’t wait for our ice cream date. And the best part about Bruster’s (according to my aunt), it had a drive through! So rain or shine, we would pull up and analyze our flavor selection.

And every single time, she would read out the flavors to me because I never remembered by glasses (Alanna fun fact #2, I am as blind as a bat without my glasses).

After a while though, our order became the same; she would get cookie dough in a waffle cone and I would get birthday cake in a sugar cone. It continued on like this for years and it was the perfect end to the night.

Now, Bruster’s has become more of a rarity to have, but that only makes it more special.

Let me tell you a bit about birthday cake. It is, hands down, my favorite Bruster’s flavor and I will probably be eating it until I’m 90.

It is a yellow cake batter based ice cream with blue icing globs and rainbow sprinkles. I think me and toddlers are the only ones who could handle that amount of sugar overload.


Feast your eyes on this cone of glory. I may or may not have licked it right before I took this picture, but I couldn’t resist for one more second. 

Now, I’ve sampled other flavors and they are all delicious…But every time I walk up to that window and smell those freshly baked waffle cones, regardless of what I am planning on getting, I find myself uttering “single birthday cake in a waffle cone please” and I have no control.

My brain has rewired itself to associate everything about Bruster’s: the smell, the banana split sign on the back wall (half off banana splits on Thursday when you bring your own banana), even the reward card, with birthday cake. I’m worse than Pavlov’s dogs.

I’m not the only one who has found their ice cream soulmate; my mom does the same thing. She always gets chocolate raspberry truffle, and it is pretty scrumptious.


My mom’s regular order: chocolate raspberry truffle 


My dad switches things up, with Mint Oreo. He holds to his claim that any flavor involving mint soothes your stomach.

I would fully recommend finding the nearest Bruster’s in your area and running there as soon as possible. Your taste buds will thank you.


I’m so excited about my ice cream, I barely notice my mom sticking her cone into my face. 

I’ve just started a book called The Science of Ice Cream, so I’ll share a fun ice cream fact with you. The first patent for an ice cream freezer was given to none other than a woman, named Nancy Johnson in Philadelphia in 1843.

Women, making ice cream better since 1843

It must be in the water around here!

Women + Philadelphia = Ice Cream History , and I can’t wait to be one of them.

Until next time, scoop ya later!

Alanna Rose


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