The Time I Bought Two Ice Creams in One Night: Zwalen’s Ice Cream

This week was a pretty eventful one, to say the least! My school won this little thing called the NCAA National Championships, maybe you’ve heard of it? I was part of one of the most exciting moments in school history and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else but jammed into our Pavilion with four thousand of my closest pals.

After a long , hard week of classes (hehe, I only had 3 days of class this week), I was needing a sweet treat. If you are following the trend of my habits, you should be guessing I mean  ice cream.

I have found go-to scoop shop when I’m away to school just this year. It is called Zwalen’s Ice Cream and it is one of the coolest concepts of an ice cream shop I’ve ever heard of. They only offer three flavors everyday: vanilla, chocolate and the flavor of the day that they hand-make multiple times daily.

Zwahlen's Ice Cream & Chocolate Co.

I would commit this name to memory!


My friends and I have learned to plan out our ice cream excursions around the tastiest sounding flavors. My absolute favorite part about Zwalen’s is that everything is homemade. Their dark hot fudge and warm waffle cones are to die for!


All the homemade goodness in one picture: waffle cone, hot fudge and swirled ice cream

A few weeks ago, I got the flavor of the day (dark chocolate toasted almond fudge) in a cup with hot fudge and it was amazing. But, it was gone too fast! My friend and I both decided it just wasn’t enough, so we got back in line and ordered some more. This time we got waffle cones, and they were pretty much life-changing. I look back on that time and do not regret it for a single nanosecond.

I have no shame in telling you that yes, I got ice cream and then went back and bought some more in the same trip.

That’s how good it is.

In addition to amazing ice cream, the atmosphere makes the experience even better. It is decorated like a Swiss chalet and the line’s always out the door.


Even if the picture is a little blurry, it still looks inviting. I can practically smell the waffle cones baking from out here, can’t you?

I personally like to get out of the university bubble every now and again and experience being around people of ages other than 18-22.

There are elderly couples eating sundaes, and at the next table could be a  huge extended family with a toddler sticking her hands into her ice cream cone.

Another win to a college student like myself is that it is not expensive. It won’t break the bank to treat yourself when that flavor you’ve been craving is finally available (aka brownie batter).


That’s what I would called enrobed! The hot fudge melted all the way down to the very last bite of the cone for a consistently perfect ratio. 

Zwalen’s is the place I recommend if you are interested decadent, luscious ice cream without the overwhelming board of flavor choices. You can’t go wrong at Zwalen’s.


And if you are thinking about asking me which is better, Bruster’s or Zwalens; don’t. Because it is like apples and oranges. Bruster’s has more of hard ice cream where Zwalen’s leans towards the soft-ish serve side of the ice cream spectrum.

Until next time everyone, Go Cats and scoop ya later!


3 thoughts on “The Time I Bought Two Ice Creams in One Night: Zwalen’s Ice Cream

  1. You’ve got me beat. I have never thought of doing this…but I will now have it in mind as an option. Of course I will be doing a blog series soon, three parts, about the day I traveled New Hampshire and Maine’s seacoast and stopped for ice cream three times!


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