Jacked Up Flapjacks: Pancake Ice Cream

Hi friends!

Breakfast has become one of my favorite meals (my other favorite is dessert). I mean what’s not to love, there’s all sorts of acceptable breakfast cakes and syrup too!

So with the inspiration of my favorite pancakes (yes, I have a ranking), I made a pancake ice cream!

First, I had to prepare the chunks to be mixed in. Chocolate chips, when added into ice cream and frozen, become brittle and gritty. To prevent this from happening, I melted the chocolate, spread it onto to a sheet pan and froze it. Then, as fast as a jackrabbit, I broke it into small chunks and refroze it.

All the other chunks (banana, granola, peanut butter chips) got frozen too. It helps when the chunks and the ice cream are both cold, because if room temperature chunks were mixed in, the freshly-churned ice cream would start to melt.

Now onto the ice cream!

I thought it was a little strange that in buttermilk pancake ice cream, buttermilk wasn’t the main ingredient. It was syrup! It had to be boiled down and then everything was added to it.

01-Pancake Ice Cream 025

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

There are three types of cream in this ice cream and I think that’s why it came out so smooth.

03-Pancake Ice Cream 046

So. Much. Cream.

Once everything got mixed and whisked in, it had to cool thoroughly. The recipe called for it to sit in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

04-Pancake Ice Cream 050

It’s not pizza dough, even though it kinda looks like it.

Well, I’m not the most patient person, so I crafted another ice bath to speed up the process.

05-Pancake Ice Cream 051

Ice bath is the way to go for speedy cooling

Much better.

I got the job done in about an hour.

Then it was time to churn. When I started making ice cream, I was concerned that my ice cream maker was going to be a little dinky and not work well.  Oh boy am I wrong, and never so happy to be so!

06-Pancake Ice Cream 056


My little maker churns the ice cream totally in about 15 minutes, working away until it gets itself stuck.

07-Pancake Ice Cream 066

And after

Pouring in the chunks is always a bit stressful for me. I have to quickly mix them in thoroughly so there is some in each bite, and then completely scrape the bowl clean into the pint.

All before it melts completely.

Oh yeah and take some pictures too. I shouldn’t complain though, I kinda like being a one-woman operation circus.

08-Pancake Ice Cream 069

Quick! It’s melting!

09-Pancake Ice Cream 072

Nope. Don’t eat yet, its not ready!

Then thrown into the freezer until its frozen through, and my family can try it with me.

It is a completely a different flavor than the Dulce Delicious. The maple syrup presents itself very strongly in the base. I like that it really gives that breakfast vibe, and you can tell it is a pancake flavor. It is not overly sweet, despite the syrup.

15-Pancake Ice Cream 135

You could eat it for breakfast, I won’t tell

The chunks are plentiful, and the chocolate chips are melty and smooth. I love getting an unexpected bite of banana, which I had never thought of before as a dominant taste. The ice cream itself if very, very smooth and dense.

I really am pretty proud of this flavor.

12-Pancake Ice Cream 103

Freshly made chocolate chips are kind of addicting.

Ask anyone in my family and they know how much I love pancakes. When I flew across the country over spring break, my mom knew that peanut butter pancakes would be the ultimate hearty breakfast (and she was right of course).

Well if you love pancakes and you love ice cream, I’ve lumped them into one! And it took a long time, but I’ve finally come up with the name for this flavor: Jacked Up Flapjacks!

Enjoy your week and check back soon! Scoop ya later!




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