Chocolate Birthday Cake

The other day, I had a few spare moments. So with no other plans, I cracked open my book of flavor ideas and decided to make ice cream. With no previous research, I found a recipe a started to whip up a batch.

10-chocolate birthday cake 070

Any guesses what I’m making?!

From my previous post about Bruster’s, you already know my favorite, all-consuming and ever-addicting flavor is birthday cake. I dream about those blue frosting chunks.

The base of this birthday cake flavor for chocolate lovers is a cake batter.

It consists of the usual creams, a bit of sugar and cake mix! That’s the secret to the cake batter yumminess!

11-chocolate birthday cake 090

This looks nothing like ice cream…yet

I couldn’t just leave a half a bag  of cake mix sitting in the pantry, so I baked the rest of the mix into a cake, let it cool, and crumbled it into bite sized pieces.

Now birthday cake ice cream doesn’t deserve to be called birthday cake without some sprinkles. And also, my favorite part; frosting! (Alanna fun fact: I can eat frosting straight from the can, and have been known to save it for special occasions and then down half the can and complain of a stomach ache).

12-chocolate birthday cake 099

I love to color frosting. Its like magic!

I piped some pink frosting onto a wax paper sheet into little drops and froze it. It was nearly impossible not to try just one, they looked to cute, like frosting Hershey kisses.

13-chocolate birthday cake 101

A field of deliciousness

Because foresight isn’t always my forte, I didn’t have all the mix-ins ready to go in the freezer before I made the base. Actually I did the exact opposite. I made the base, put it in the fridge to chill, and then got the mix-ins together.

But because the base was nice and cold by the time I went to churn it, it only took a second to make. That was especially good because I was in a bit of a time crunch (because I had a bit of a flat tire on my car. It’s a good thing I have a trusty mechanic, thanks Dad).

Then time for the mixing! It looks like I overdid it with the cake pieces, but once it got mixed in, they broke up a lot and became more evenly distributed in the base.

14-chocolate birthday cake 130

Any ice cream down there??

I was shocked at how much it made! Usually I like to make a pint, but this filled a pint with still plenty more left. So I placed the remainder in a loaf pan and plopped both in the freezer.

15-chocolate birthday cake 137

Can you believe that’s the extra?

Then I ran off to work and had to wait until that night before trying it. The agony, I thought about it the whole time!

This flavor is right up my alley! It tastes exactly like a cake batter, but one you are allowed to eat (not that I don’t eat the egg ones too).

The frosting chunks are my favorite, and I will admit that I dig around to get a spoonful of one.

08-chocolate birthday cake 081

That big chunk right there..Oh yes. It was eaten very shortly after this picture was taken

My sister said the base tastes like brownie batter, but I’m pretty sure her taste buds were confused because it’s definitely chocolate cake.

The sprinkles just make it so irresistible that every time you open the freezer, it just calls to you.

01-chocolate birthday cake 021

“eat me!”

Chocolate birthday cake is the type of ice cream you could scoop out and bedazzle with toppings for your Sunday Sundae.

03-chocolate birthday cake 050

This is one such example of bedazzling. But maybe with some hot fudge or caramel?

I just can’t get enough of it! And I made it just in time for a special day coming up (May 30th anyone??)

09-chocolate birthday cake 084

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

I want to hear what you guys are thinking about my new flavors, so if you could take a nanosecond and do this poll, I’d be one happy camper!

For my next flavor, I am testing out a new idea that I am very excited about. More of an innovation mixed with a new flavor. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun, now that it finally feels like May!

Scoop ya later everyone!


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