S’more PB Please!

Hello friends!

Today’s flavor was inspired by one of my very favorite places on earth: Lake George, New York.

For one week every year, my family and I pack up our truck and boat and head north. Up until recently, we would camp.

No not glamp.

Like real camping.

In a tent. No running water.

Just you and your family on an island.

It is lovely and serene and should be the location of a Nicholas Sparks movie.


I am speechless at the beauty

Because camping involves a lack of electricity, our campfire becomes our main source of heat and fuel.

Every night, while sitting around the fire and watching for shooting stars (once my Poppop and I saw a green one), we would munch on a s’more.

With these absolutely incredible memories in mind, I decided to make a peanut butter s’more ice cream.

I had the idea that I would try to make a graham cracker layer along the walls and bottom of the container. Due to a lack of thinking ahead and potential consequences, it didn’t happen this time. Instead I ended up with a nice thick graham cracker bottom to my ice cream.

But that’s the point of experimenting. You don’t always get it right away.

01-PB smore 006

Before I took out my state of the art mold

04-PB smore 045

After the Great Graham Collapse of 2016

I didn’t want just regular marshmallows to be in the base. That just doesn’t represent a s’more properly.

So I broiled some marshmallows in the oven until they got all golden and crunchy.

For the chocolate, I made a ganache of milk chocolate. Like Hershey’s but better, and not as waxy.

03-PB smore 037

All toppings set and ready to go… well not the peanut butter yet

The base of the ice cream was a simple cream base. I didn’t want the flavor of the base to overpower the other ingredients.

02-PB smore 031

A candy thermometer helping out the process

Churning went smoothly as usual (knock on wood for my little machine) and the marshmallows were dropped in piece-wise to incorporate.

05-PB smore 051

One baby marshmallow chunk in a galaxy of creamy goodness

On the spot, I decided to layer the ice cream and toppings in the pint.

On the bottom was the graham crackers, followed by creamy peanut butter (I figured everyone else wasn’t a chunky fan like myself).

Then came the ganache and finally ice cream.

Lather, rinse, repeat until overflowing. Top with a marshmallow for the ultimate crunch factor.

07-PB smore 059

Not my neatest work. But you get the idea

06-PB smore 053

The overflow pan ended up much cleaner

Then its freezer-bound until time for tasting!

I know I’ve said this about every flavor I’ve made, but it might be my new favorite.

11-PB smore 112

A few Lake George staples. A kerosene lamp and the mug we found on an island

My absolute favorite part about it is the crunch of the marshmallow. The initial bite into it is perfection.

Each spoonful of this flavor gives a new taste of its overall palate. One bite might be peanut butter and the next is chocolate with graham. You just never know!

12-PB smore 123

There’s a lot of stuff going on in there!

Overall, a real winner of a flavor. And next time I make it, I will put some Pam on that mold and have a gorgeous crust.

In other news, my photography has received an upgrade! Thanks a million to my dad for putting up with my insane ideas, design sketches, and Home Depot runs to make a new backdrop. I am in love with every thing about it.

09-PB smore 097

See my new gorgeous backdrop? Perfection!

I hope everyone who can goes down the shore for this Memorial Day weekend. Please do it, for me. I will be channeling my inner beach while I’m working.


This is what I’ll be dreaming about.

Don’t forget sunscreen and a good book!

Next time I post a yummy flavor, I’ll be a year older! Can’t wait to talk to you all then!

Scoop ya later!



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