The Drowsy Scoop

Ever eat ice cream before bed? All the time? Me too!

Today’s flavor was made with that in mind.

Ever have sleepytime tea? Its perfect and herbal-y and I can’t say for certain, but it might have magical powers.

I combined two of the sleepiest and most calming flavors: lavender honey and chamomile.

I can’t lie to you, I was pretty nervous to make this flavor. It was the first one I wrote in my book of ideas when I started brainstorming.


These flowers are a total sensory experience!


Chamomile…well it looks interesting. A little prickly

And also it was a custard based flavor.

Which, if you read the post about vanilla, you will know why I was scared.

Starting with the creams, the flowers were added and brought to a simmer. Then they had to steep. Just like a cup of tea, except with heavy cream.


Post steepage. This milk is totally infused with the rich flavor and smelled amazing.

Then came straining out the flowers, because crunching on those might just throw my skeptical family over the edge.

Next came the scary part. The tempering with the eggs and making the custard.

I had to break my self-imposed rule of individual ice cream making. I needed someone to whisk while I poured.

No herbal flavored scrambled eggs to report here, phew!

Terrified of a repeat of the grit incident, I had my mom stand guard next to me for the exact second when the mixture covered the back of the spoon.

My scientific attempt of using an instant read thermometer was quickly discredited when my mom told me “just use your eyes!”.

Oh mother, if only it was that easy, then all science would be easy-peasy-lemon squeezy.


Perfect Custard #1

Then they had to chill for what seemed like forever. So long that I had time to go shoe shopping (I got really cute sandals).

Churning this flavor presented a new problem.

See I wanted to layer the two flavors: honey lavender and chamomile, but I only have one ice cream maker.

My mom offered to lend me her machine so  I could make the two flavors simultaneously. Want to know what was strange?

Her state of the art machine took longer to make the ice cream than my little machine!

There was one slight brain-lapse in my process however.

I know I’m an engineering student, but sometimes math just slips out of my head. So I made one pint of each flavor when I should have just made a total of one pint.


The second pint. Not planned, but just as delicious 

The flavor of this ice cream is one that my family is very hesitant to accept. Because it is not a typical chocolate flavor for when you are having a sweet craving.

It is more of a sophisticated flavor. You want to know what you are scooping into.


This is a flavor you serve at an ice-cream tea party

There’s a very strong smell of lavender which is to be expected (its lavender after all). The taste however, is not nearly as strong.

It is creamy and rich. You can practically feel the stress and tension melting away (not a medical statement. I leave all medicine to my sister and mom!)


Non-medically approved stress buster

Anyway, it is pretty dang good. I am proud of my accomplishments in this ice cream. Not only one, but two successful custards without curdling. Also, branching out in my flavor tastes.


Herbal flowers not included with scoops!

And while this may not be the guilty pleasure you always reach for, it is wonderful to have when you want a yummy herbal tea, but its way too hot!


maybe you can have both, ice cream and tea!

An update in my life outside of my blog-o-sphere: It pretty much revolves around work and playing with Beaker (he’s becoming a social butterfly!) Or if I have a quick second, I’m researching a new flavor in the works. I cannot wait until I have a bit of time to do some experimentation, of the ice cream variety of course!


Tell me this isn’t calling you to just take a bite?

My Alanna fun fact this post has to do with career alternatives, because a girl’s always gotta have some backups. So here it is, in case you were wondering:

  1. Flavor developer for Ben & Jerry’s (which involves living on a farm in Vermont)
  2. Sod farmer, or any kind of farmer I guess
  3. Barrel racing cowgirl (or anything that involves horses and cowboy boots)
  4. Nail polish namer

That’s all of my backups I have as of today. Pretty feasible right?

This week my sister, mom and I made our annual trip to do some strawberry picking. It was like a slice of heaven in those peaceful fields, and I could’ve stayed out there all day. Here’s how much I loved it:


Peace in a field 

I hope everyone is enjoying all sorts of summer fun! If you get sick of all of that swimming,  lounging and relaxing, give me some feedback on my flavors! Just leave me a comment and I promise I’ll read it. I love hearing from you. And if you like what you have been reading, subscribe to get an email every time I whip up another outrageous flavor.

Until the next delicious flavor, scoop ya later!



4 thoughts on “The Drowsy Scoop

  1. You forgot instant singer/song-writer extraordinaire in your alternative career options. Oh and I was extra skeptical about this flavor- but it is scrumptious. The best word I would use to describe it is refreshing.


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