Just Peachy French Toast Ice Cream

The most exciting event of the year happened this week, besides Christmas. The first day of summer! Bring on the fireworks, long sunsets, fireflies and campfires because this is the best time of the year. 

Along with the super-fun that is summer comes the best food of the year too. Fresh peaches and raspberries are two of my favorite fruits. Earlier in the year, I ate a peach melba stuffed french toast and it cemented my conversion to liking french toast. You see, for most of my life, I thought of french toast as hot soggy egg bread. Since I didn’t like eggs, why would I want this abomination?

I learned that good french toast isn’t soggy at all and you can gobble it up without even thinking of the eggs it was dipped in!

This week, my ice cream was modeled off of that life-changing french toast (well maybe not life-changing, but it was important).

Just Peachy French Toast is a cinnamon french toast based ice cream with layers of peach melba sauce and crumbly sugar topping.

The peach melba pie (without the crust) had to be made first. It was super simple and went off without a hitch. Even though it was 90 degrees this week, ice cream never stops!

01-Just Peachy French Toast 010

Raspberries nestled  in their bed of sugar 

02-Just Peachy French Toast 016

If you are human, you are probably drooling right now

06-Just Peachy French Toast 038

Please, close your mouth! You are embarrassing yourself!

The base for this ice cream was simple, mostly just sugars, cream and some browned butter. The brown sugar gave this flavor a rich tan color and the cinnamon its beautiful freckles.

04-Just Peachy French Toast 024

When I was younger, I would make rows like this in my mashed potatoes and pretend I was a farmer. 

05-Just Peachy French Toast 026

See that cinnamon? It’s gonna steal your heart through your tastebuds

After a quick churn and layering, this ice cream was ready to go! The first taste was like the bliss of a summer morning. You could practically taste the warm sun filtering through the leaves and catch the far-away laughter of kids going for an early-morning swim.

13-Just Peachy French Toast 130

Just one more spoonful and then I’ll be done

The ice cream is smooth and not overly rich or sweet, which is balanced perfectly with the melba swirl. Finally, the crumble topping comes in for a bit of a crunch to even out this flavor.

09-Just Peachy French Toast 071


My mom loves all things peach, especially those peach rings which she affectionately called “Peachy-O’s”. Needless to say she was in love with this flavor.  I couldn’t even get mad at her when I found her and my sister sneaking an early taste test one night before it was fully frozen.

11-Just Peachy French Toast 098

It tastes almost like a Peachy-O

I found this flavor to be lovely, much like the loveliness of this week. Summer is my favorite season and I look forward to it all year, especially in the dead of winter as I’m trekking through the snow to get to class.

15-Just Peachy French Toast 142

Look deep into this ice cream and you will forget the bad “s” word…snow

When I move to Vermont eventually, I guess I’ll have plenty of snow and winter days to contend with. But for right now, I’ll enjoy the warm sunshine and sod fields lit up by fireflies at night.


I love this picture and these girls with my entire heart. Look at Marissa eyeing up my cone!

Alanna fun fact #9 (I don’t know if that is the right number, I lost count): I’m a lefty. Yup, I was that kid who you got stuck next to in grade school who always elbowed you and used scissors differently.  I don’t know how teachers graded my exams because by the end, my hand is covered in lead and the test looks like a giant smudge. I got some strange looks when I would take a break during my orgo exams to erase the side of my hand. But I like being a lefty. I’d like to think that I’m more creative for it.

Now, step away from your computer and go outside. If you are fortunate to live by a pool or some water, go do a cannonball for me! Swimming is the official activity of summer!

Peanut butter lovers, come back very soon! I’ve got a treat for you! Until then everyone, scoop ya later!



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