What the Heckuloos is Speculoos?

If you are thinking,” eh speculoos is so outdone. It’s like the new nutella which is the new peanut butter.” Stop thinking those thoughts, because this ice cream is so delicious, the entire pint has already been devoured by the time of me writing this. 

Howdy everyone! Ready for a cookie butter party? This heavenly treat was just introduced to me this year. I, for some reason, was expecting it to taste like peanut butter but I was 100% off. The taste of speculoos cookie butter is almost indescribable, but Trader Joe’s says its a caramelized, slightly gingeread-y flavor. It was enough to convince me to buy my first jar.

The day of my first taste of cookie  butter, I had gone to Trader Joe’s with my good friend. It was a Friday night and we were trying to decide what to do. So with our fresh groceries, we decided to bake something. Cheesecake was the unanimous choice.

Without a recipe, we threw together some cream cheese and sugar and beat the heck out of it (we didn’t have a mixer). The best part about our invented cake was that instead of melted butter to make the crust, we combined the graham crackers with melted cookie butter! Then on top of the whole thing we added a layer of pure cookie butter deliciousness.

Let me tell you, it was amazing. And the two of us pretty much ate the whole thing in a few days.

With that dessert fresh in my mind, I made some speculoos ice cream.

06-What the heckloos is speculooos 051

There it is. The legend: cookie butter

What the Heckuloos is Speculoos might be my favorite ice cream flavor and name. I sat down for a good 20 minutes to try to think of a proper name for this masterpiece. But it finally came to me!

The base is a brown sugar base. I wanted to keep it simple so the other flavor could just jump out and grab ya. I was toying with doing a speculoos base, but I thought it would be an overload. It also has a heavy swirl of cookie butter as well as crushed speculoos cookies.

02-What the heckloos is speculooos 015

Sometimes cooking is messy

By now custard bases are a breeze. I can do them one-handed while I take some pictures. Some call it skill, I call it pure God-given talent.

01-What the heckloos is speculooos 005


03-What the heckloos is speculooos 030



Then from the fridge to the churner and off it goes! Churning up some yummy-ness!


I desperately tried to wait until it was fully frozen before I sampled it, but I just could not. It called me more than my Millennial Barbie doll.

Dual side-tangent and Alanna fun fact: I was not a very well-behaved child. In 2000, my sister and I each received a collectible Millennial Barbie doll from Santa. My parents put it on top of my bureau so I could admire her from afar. But I didn’t want to look at her, I wanted to play! So I scaled my dresser (totally unsafe), grabbed her and opened it up.

When asked a few minutes later why I had done it, I told my family “she was calling to me and she told me to open the box”.

Between my faux-leather pants I wore to kindergarten with a leopard shirt that said “wild child”, I was a handful. Thank goodness that phase seemed to have passed!

Anyway, back to ice cream! I tried it about 3 times before it was frozen, and each time it got better. There was a significant dent in it before my family got the chance to try it. And it only went downhill from there. I am telling you, there is some addictive ingredient in cookie butter.

11-What the heckloos is speculooos 079

Isn’t this the most fun looking placemat? I love this fabric

Towards the end of spring semester, I began to have trouble sleeping through the night (stress. total stress). It became common for me to get up around 3 am and have a spoonful of cookie butter while hanging out with my hamster. He was more than happy to have a buddy during his most awake hours.

Thankfully, I am back on a normal sleeping and eating schedule, but unfortunately, the pint of ice cream is gone. Totally finished. And it was me who ate 99% of it.

18-What the heckloos is speculooos 121

Crushed cookies as topping do nothing to help me resist this flavor

This flavor is my all-time favorite flavor of mine. So good I would make another batch of it,   but I’ll let my tummy recover first.

12-What the heckloos is speculooos 080

Oh how I wish you were still uneaten dear ice cream

I’ve got the weekend off and I’ve parked myself on the beach until Monday. If you need me, contact me via message in a bottle. Love you all and thanks for your support of my crazy dream.

Until next week, scoop ya later!

13-What the heckloos is speculooos 083

One last look  for you on your way out!


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