Brownies with Low Morals Ice Cream

Maybe you’ve heard about a very popular type of brownie… one that pleases everyone. It goes by a the name of slutty brownie. But in my house, nearly everything is considered a curse word by my mom. Like that sporting goods store Dick’s. Well we call it Richard’s.

So when the slutty brownie craze hit our house, my mom was not too pleased with the name of this delicious treat. It was promptly changed to brownies with low moral values.

If this baked dessert is good in handhold form, why not in a scoopable version? Brownies with low morals is a chocolate based ice cream with fudge brownie chunks, cookie dough pieces, Oreo chunks and a caramel swirl. Phew, this puppy is jam packed with fun!

If you have been noticing my flavors, you will have seen that I have not made a true chocolate base yet. And that is because I was scared.

I thought making chocolate would involve something like double tempering or pouring in the chocolate while standing on your head. Guess what??

It wasn’t hard at all! In fact, I would dare to call it semi-easy.

The day before I made the ice cream I made the fixings. First was the cookie dough, which I had made before in my peanut butter flavor. I shaped it into a log and let it freeze.

11-brownies with low moral values 119

cookie dough pizza slices

Next came the homemade brownies. I could have easily used a box mix. But if everything else is homemade, then why not spend a little extra time and love on the star of the show? I specifically wanted ones with a fudgey consistency, so they would freeze well and taste even better.

Then I made the  caramel sauce. I used a recipe by one of my favorite celebrity chefs (and bloggers) ever, Pioneer Woman. I am in love with her life and have read her autobiography at least once a year.

03-brownies with low moral values 035

So rich and creamy. Thanks Ree! 

13-brownies with low moral values 139

I think this has magical sparkles in it. Can you see them?

FINALLY, after running to the store for a quick Oreo run, it was time to make the ice cream!

The process was simple and divided into two parts, preparing the chocolate cream base and then the egg portion.

04-brownies with low moral values 046

First chocolate addition

05-brownies with low moral values 050

Second chocolate addition. Never enough!

A quick stir and into my trusty ice bath for some straight chillin’.

07-brownies with low moral values 065

Can you see the richness in here?

My chill time activity today was to chop up another watermelon. I’m not kidding when I tell you it was at least my 11th watermelon this season. I eat it all the time! I don’t care for the inner pieces, its gotta have a bit of the white rind. Watermelons are one of the most beautiful foods to me and I have a bit of an obsession with them. My makeup case is covered in little watermelon slices. One of my favorite actresses Lily Tomlin said in Grace and Frankie “watermelon is celery in a Lily Pulitzer dress”. She’s 100% right.

Churning was a breeze, but mixing in all those ingredients in was a workout. It is tough because you need to work as fast as humanly possible. Every time, I expect it to explode like a time bomb if I don’t do it fast enough. But so far, so good!

14-brownies with low moral values 162

All churned and mixed. Quick only 5 seconds left!!!

15-brownies with low moral values 165

Who said ice cream making wasn’t messy?

Now let me tell you a little diet secret. If you are on one, keep clear of this dessert. This is no wimpy chocolate taste. It’s rich and decadent chocolate loaded with explosions of sweetness. I don’t think you could get a spoonful without chunks if you tried. Not for the weak of heart, that’s for sure.

As a faithful chocolate girl myself, I could devour this is large quantities. And I actually just did prior to writing this, and my stomach is not too thankful for it. Trust me when I tell you it puts real brownies to shame. It’s better than freshly baked brownies. Yup I just went there, that’s how much I believe in the little flavor that could.

16-brownies with low moral values 178

I would recommend this flavor to anyone with tastebuds. Actually anyone with tastebuds who loves chocolate. For those people, they better strap in for the roller coaster of chocolate brownie heaven.

20-brownies with low moral values 232

My Alanna fun fact this week is featuring some new little projects I’ve done. Last week I was in the house by myself. Myself, a bag of peanuts and a food processor. You guessed it, I made peanut butter! I’ve always been drawn to how it can be made from nothing than grinding peanuts, but it really does. It goes through the process of forming a dough-like ball into a thick paste and finally into spreadable butter. Amazing! Who said I’m a one-trick ice cream pony? Look out peanut butter world, I’m headed your way too!

1-brownies with low moral values 146

It’s sticker than any peanut butter you’ve ever had



I won’t be able to share a flavor with you next week. No don’t cry it’s okay! I’m going on vacation with my cousins who come to visit once a year. Our shorehouse turns into a hub of chaos and we travel in packs of 10+ but honestly, I look forward to it every single day of the year. I always take time to look around when we are taking up about half the beach and think about how special I am to have all of these amazing people in my life. People who are doing all different things and going different places, but all are connected with a bond no knife could cut.

Take some time this week and appreciate who you have in your life, even if your best friend is a hamster. Keep cool (by eating ice cream of course) and I will be back very soon. Don’t miss me too much.24-brownies with low moral values 259

Scoop ya later everyone!


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