The Kid Sandwich

Hello pals! Did ya miss me and my adventurous tales?! Well I’m back with some new things to say!

01-the kid sandwich 002

Today’s main flavor players

My week of vacation was heavenly. The ocean was perfectly numbing some days and balmy on others. At one point, there were 20 people and 1 hamster in one house. Yes it was a bit tight but in a good way! 

Back when we were much younger, lunch time became a mass stampede to make a sandwich, grab chips and lemonade and eat as quickly as possible.

Because after lunch, it was time for the beach!

Fluff was a key ingredient in these sun-filled days. Big slices of white bread smushed with peanut butter and fluff was like heaven on earth.

Those days of carefree running around on the beach and playing strange games are my fondest memories.

But I mean it about the strange games. My cousins and I had to find ways to entertain ourselves for 5 hours a day with nothing but a blanket. Our favorite was a game called Chinese Dragon where one person was the head of the dragon and the others had to run under the blanket blind.

I can’t imagine how weird we looked to other beachgoers.

Long story long, my ice cream today is called the Kid Sandwich. It is a peanut butter base with fluff and nutella swirls and some crunchy peanuts on top.

13-the kid sandwich 091

Because lunchtime is messy

This flavor was the easiest thing in the world to make.  There wasn’t even any heat needed, which was ideal in this heat wave.

A new tool made its way onto the ice cream scene; a blender!

02-the kid sandwich 006

Literally, I just threw the ingredients in the blender and whirled, chilled and churned.

04-the kid sandwich 015

Complex science is happening right here, see?

05-the kid sandwich 021

It’s all ready!…well almost

I heated the fluff and nutella so they would be easier to layer and swirl into the ice cream post-churning.

06-the kid sandwich 039

Fluff ready for drizzling!

07-the kid sandwich 048

09-the kid sandwich 070

Today my chilling activity was extra fun…NOT! I got my last 2 cavities filled! This summer I have gotten 9 cavities filled and not a single one was fun. But finally they are all done and my family can stop snickering at me and my novocaine mouth.

08-the kid sandwich 063

I call this, post-cavity self-portrait in bowl. Quite a mouthful

The taste of this peanut butter ice cream is different from Not Your Sister’s Peanut Butter. I used a different brand of peanut butter for starters and it was chunky. It also had more of an ice cream mouthfeel rather than just cold peanut butter in the other one. The fluff stays soft and is easy to scoop.

The nutella though, it gets hard as a rock. If you have bad wrists, don’t try to scoop this one. It was quite a chore for me!

14-the kid sandwich 097

scoop at your own risk

Alanna fun fact time!! Speaking of bad wrists, I broke my wrist back in the 5th grade (feels like yesterday). We had a big snowstorm and I went to my neighbor’s house to go sledding down their hill. My neighbor stood up on her sled and glided down the hill, just like Julie Andews in Princess Diaries 2. So I decided to give it a try (can you see where this  is going?). Yup I fell right down and heard a big crack. Instead of telling my neighbors what had happened, I just casually picked up my sled and said I was going home. A few hours later, I was fixed up with a neon pink cast. And that’s the story of how I broke my wrist stupidly.

I really love this combination of flavors and the memories it brings back. I hope you have eaten a peanut butter, fluff and nutella sandwich on white bread at least once in your life. With a plateful of chips and a cupful of lemonade. And surrounded by other loud kids doing the same and laughing at the dumbest things.

15-the kid sandwich 110

Because some chips always ended up in your sandwich, right?

That’s the stuff of life. In case you were wondering, my cousins and I follow that pattern even to this day.

16-the kid sandwich 126

I hope you enjoy my blog. Come back next week for another fun flavor!  Until then, scoop ya later!


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