Mom’s Request Ice Cream

Oh my dear friends, I am so sorry I haven’t written in a while.But I’m back now, so lets move forward shall we?

I have been all over the place lately. Mainly, my family went on our annual vacation to Lake George, New York. I’ve been to this magical lake every year since I was born. This year was especially spectacular, because for the first time in known family history, it didn’t rain! I became an otter for the week, always floating in the water.

My mom’s birthday is coming up on the 19th, and she has been suggesting, no demanding, that I make an Almond Joy inspired ice cream. So in her honor, I finally gave in. In a book full of ice cream ideas to make, I made her favorite candy ice cream.

Mom’s Request is a coconut based ice cream with chocolate covered almonds and milk chocolate chunks.

02-moms  request 251

Ready for this deliciousness?

It was a basic ice cream custard, but with coconut flair. Like major coconut flair. The cream was infused with toasted coconut. Then coconut milk and cream of coconut were added too! Then the usual tempering with egg yolks and it was thrown into the ice bath to cool.

03-moms  request 253

I took this one handed. Not gonna lie, I’m proud of it

06-moms  request 272

Post-tempering, pre-custard

Then maybe I forgot about it for a little bit before I churned it. But I remembered about it eventually!

Magic happened!

08-moms  request 279

Once I discovered that unfinished ice cream was sitting in the fridge

It was mixed with almonds and chunks to make this pint of amazingness. I couldn’t wait until it was frozen through to try it. It was worth it.

09-moms  request 287

This was eaten about thirty seconds later

The ice cream is extremely smooth, while the toasted coconut retained its amazing roasted flavor and crunch. You know how I have said that other ice creams aren’t meant for big bowlfuls? Well this one isn’t like that! It is totally a binge-worthy pint of ice cream heaven.

16-moms  request 326

It’s just one bite, even if its a serving spoon

The coconut flavor is not overbearing, despite all the various inspired ingredients. I would recommend this ice cream for every single person on the face of the earth who is not allergic to coconut.

15-moms  request 311

I spy toasty coconut!

Time for my Alanna fun fact/ life update: this could potentially be my last flavor for a little while. Why you ask? Well I’m headed back to school very,very soon. Junior year is calling!

I am hoping to make some flavors here and there when I can during the semester, but I can’t make any promises.

This is gonna be a busy year for me, but trust me friends, I will not abandon you! Stick with me and I’ll be there with you.

I just realized that wasn’t much of a fun fun fact. So how about this instead, I saw the most amazing beach sunrise recently. I go usually once a year with my friend and this time, it took my breath away. It is worth every single second of getting up absurdly early.


So gorgeous I could cry

10-moms  request 291

Adorned with pineapple slice and coconut drink placemat

I hope you enjoy this heat wave as the summer winds down.Did it just fly by for anyone else, or just me? I love you all and scoop ya later!


3 thoughts on “Mom’s Request Ice Cream

  1. This was the most SPECTACULAR ice cream I have ever tasted! I have churned quite a bit of ice cream in my “29”years and this almond joy coconut ice cream was simply divine.Thanks for making it for me.xoxo


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