Marissa’s Zippy Hot Chocolate

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope everyone is lounging on a sun-soaked beach getting those last rays of summer like me. Oh wait, Hermine kinda messed up that plan in a big way. After battening down every hatch on our house, we ran home before the potential storm surge swept us away. The next morning, instead of waking up to sheets of rain, there was gentle sunshine filtering through my curtains. Wait, what?! Hermine, you are one elusive storm.


Isn’t this ocean just so amazingly breathtaking?

I planned on making this flavor at my apartment, but with all of this extra time, I made it here in my home kitchen. And for the first time ever, I had an assistant to help me!

Introducing, Marissa! She’s my cousin, but moreover my best friend. Recently, we have become partners in crime and co-queens of the summer. I can always count on her for anything, including talking her ear off for five hours straight, or swimming in the ocean with me when it feels like an ice cube. She came over to be my sidekick in making/ photographing this flavor.

So without further ado, Marissa’s Zippy Hot Chocolate! It is a hot chocolate base, but with a spicy twist! Inspired by a Mexican chocolate gelato I recently had, I added cinnamon and cayenne. This flavor is finished off by a swirl of marshmallow goodness.

13-marissas zippy hot chocolate 094

Get your glass of milk ready, things are getting spicy!

In terms of difficulty, this one was perfect for a beginner, such as Marissa. Or me, as I disregarded the directions (as I am prone to do), and just improvised until it was just right.

First the cream, milk, sugars and hot cocoa mix were added and heated.


03-marissas zippy hot chocolate 010

Then comes the good stuff! Cinnamon and cayenne. Only a teensy, tiny pinch of cayenne was needed because the flavor intensifies as it cools. The spicyness becomes more of an afterburn while the cinnamon and chocolate take the main flavors.

I had the chance to teach Marissa how to make an ice bath, which I felt quite proud about. Now when she gets into college gen chem lab, she won’t look like such a doofus (as I did, and still do in lab).

06-marissas zippy hot chocolate 037

Wow. What a gorgeous base…and ice bath!

While the base chilled, we did a bit of thifting. Why? Well we are essentially the same person, so she loves it as much as I do. While there, I found this gorgeous pair of cowboy boots, with an “A” on the front! Fate? Probably! I scooped them up (see what I did there?)  and they have hardly left my feet ever since.

I found myself wearing some of my favorite things on the planet, a lab coat, my jean shorts and cowboy boots. Yeah life was pretty dang good, with my buddy by my side.


We churned, tasted and enjoyed. But she had to leave before we could do the final shoot. She picked out all the props, so she was truly ingrained in the process.

07-marissas zippy hot chocolate 061

For once I’m not behind the camera

10-marissas zippy hot chocolate 071

I think I’ve come pretty far in terms of churning pictures

11-marissas zippy hot chocolate 078

I’ve still got a ways to go in keeping the pints clean while packing

This flavor is a converting flavor. What I mean by that is it converts you to be a spicy chocolate fan. My sister, who claimed to not like it before she tried it, loved it. When I eat this flavor, I like to top it with a bit more fluff and some red pepper flakes, because I like to live on the edge like that.

19-marissas zippy hot chocolate 167

I found this ice cream to be very nice and smooth, without the chocolate being too rich or overpowering. There is also a great balance between the sweetness and the spice. The marshmallow swirl doesn’t hurt either. I would say this flavor will please diehard spicy chocolate fans to the skeptics (aka Tara).

18-marissas zippy hot chocolate 160

Okay well that’s all I have to say today…just kidding! You thought I forgot the fun fact didn’t you? The Alanna fun fact includes Marissa today. When we were kids, we did not get along, like at all. I remember I bit her once. My mom would  always tell me that like charges repulse, and it was true! We are very similar: stubborn, independent, outspoken, sassy and plagued with the resting bitch face.

But what is different between us, is that Marissa is wayyy prettier than me and not afraid to roll her eyes at anyone who is bothering her. She’s the type of girl I wish I could be when people are getting on my nerves.

So that’s my fun fact, Marissa and I make quite a pair when we are together. Together will will crush junior year (her of high school and me of college).



So pals, I believe this is where we part for now. But never fear, I’ve got my ice cream maker already packed in my car heading back to school with me. If you have any ice cream flavor ideas, please please leave them in the comments below and I’d love to put them in my book of ideas. Until next time, scoop ya later!



2 thoughts on “Marissa’s Zippy Hot Chocolate

  1. As the skeptic sister, I agree that this is a daring flavor but it was surprisingly delightful! It reminds me of the spice associated with a Red Hot. My suggestion for a new flavor is something strange- like bacon or soft pretzels.


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