Lazy Glazy Sundae-y

Phew! I’m back y’all and I am alive! School got beyond crazy for a little there. I’m talking exams until 11 pm and twenty page reports  due all in the same day kinda crazy.

Today, I thought I would format this ice cream tale like the lab reports I’ve been writing so many of. Here goes:


This week, I was inspired late night by one of my rare favorite treats. Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. When I was younger, my mom and I would see the hotlight on and run in to grab a fresh, hot donut. You could watch the donuts go through the glaze waterfall too, like How Its Made in real life!

The idea came to me late evening, so I had to run out and find the nearest Krispy Kreme to gather my ingredients before they closed. It was a close one! Then I hid them from myself and hoped I didn’t eat them all in my sleep.


taunting me

Experimental Apparatus and Procedures:

 I’ve never had an ice cream take me all day to make, but this one did. First the donuts had to steep in milk for at least four hours.


Float away little donuts!

Then you had to squish out the soggy donuts, which is weird and gross but strangely fun.


This may be gross to look at, but I am dedicated to showing you the whole process

Next was the usual custard-ing, which still makes me stressed. I think it will make my heart race until I die.


Featuring my cow apron, which my roommates find really funny

Then you had to let the custard cool with another donut floaty ring for an additional four hours! My goodness gracious, this is alot of waiting time!


Look at all of that yumminess!

It actually wasn’t bad at all. I did a little art project in the meantime. I can’t show you the finished product because its a gift, but lets just say I love the way it turned out and I hope she really likes it.


I wanted to try to make a core of chocolate icing in this flavor. So, I made tubes out of paper covered in wax paper and piped them with icing. Then when I added the ice cream, I would just take the paper out and viola! A core! More in this in the results, for how it actually worked out.


Easy peasy. Just pull the tube out, right?


The custard smelled just like the inside of the Krispy Kreme store, which I took as a very good sign. I actually almost burnt my nose on the saucepan when cooking it because I liked the smell so much. When churned, the custard got beautifully fluffy and aerated.


I had put the icing cores and the pints in the freezer, so when the ice cream was nearly finished churning, I took them out. I was just gonna take the paper off and put in the ice cream. Well it did not happen like that. At all. The icing got stuck to the paper and turned into a mess, and not even close to a core. More like a sad blob.

Enter innovation, aka 2.25 years of “problem solving” engineering school. I remade the paper rolls for the cores, but this time I sprayed everything with cooking spray. I stuck these empty tubes in the middle of the pints. Then I sprayed plastic wrap with cooking spray too and formed a log out of the icing and froze it.


Saving room for my core!

So, I filled the pints with ice cream and prayed it wouldn’t leak into the tubes. Finally, I had a little bit of success! After about an hour, the icing was frozen enough to unwrap and put into the space the tube had saved. It was a close one, and I nearly gave up on the core idea.


After much struggle, I introduce to you ScoopSquared first core!

I am genuinely curious how Ben & Jerry’s does their cores. They would probably cramp their stomachs laughing at me and my paper tubes. Until I have small factory to make this ice cream, the tubes will have to do!


I think because I had eaten donuts and icing all day, I wasn’t too sure of the taste the night I made it. The next morning, when it was all frozen, it was much much better! Freezing had taken the sweetness level down a notch.


It tastes just like a donut! I am really impressed with how well the steeping process works. I was debating with adding some mixins, but I am glad I didn’t because it would’ve messed with the smooth texture.

There was room for error in this flavor (always necessary in lab reports!). Mainly, the ice cream was a little bit crumbly, and I am not totally sure why. Maybe the glaze in the donuts prevents the total coagulation of the fats? Possibly. Also, the core disaster of October 2016 was a big error and lack of foresight on my part.

I am really happy with the accuracy of the flavor. Tastes like a lazy Sunday morning!


Alanna fun fact (I wish I could put this in a lab report!): I lovvveeeeeee canned frosting. Before you all audibly say “ew”, just wait. It’s not like I am eating it all the time! Special occasions only. For example, I once made a bet with my mom and if I won, she would buy me a can of frosting that I  could eat. I won and I was happy, but my stomach was not. My mom knows me best, and last year for finals week, she brought me a can of Funfetti frosting. It’s just something about all those chemicals and partially hydrogenated oils that has me hooked. Oh well, I’m gonna keep doing me!


Inspired by Affogato. Yes I saved some of my morning coffee for this.

I hope everyone had a nice lazy Sunday! I’ve got a light work week (finally!), so keep your eyes peeled for another yummy flavors hitting your inbox soon! Love y’all and scoop ya later!



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