Hold Your Horses Ice Cream

Welcome back to my little corner of this world wide internet. Ready for another story about how I just whipped up some ice cream on a sunny afternoon while birds chirped?

Well if that’s what you are looking for, I’m sorry but I’m gonna disappoint you. 


Hold Your Horses ice cream is inspired by America’s favorite horse race. Yes, the Kentucky Derby, where women spend as much time picking out a hat as they do their dress. And where a signature drink has been established before it was cool.

I’m talking about that mint julep!

I was thinking since my other alcohol-infused flavor (Southern Wannabe Pie Ice Cream) turned out so well, I might give it another shot. I’m hitting the bottle again!

As the sun starts sinking earlier and earlier, I like to think about those good ole spring days when everything in the world is winding back up again (instead of winding down). And besides, who doesn’t love a good mint taste to add a little zing to their day?

My mother that’s who. She never,ever eats anything mint. That’s because when she was a little girl (picture a young me, we look the same), she sat under the kitchen table and ate an entire box of Thin Mints… and then proceeded to get sick from them. Ever since that day, she has steered clear of mint.

And although I may have my mother’s face, I don’t have her aversion to mint. It’s one of my top ice cream flavors, actually.


The original plan for this ice cream was a fresh mint ice cream infused with bourbon and some chocolate chips. Like a perfect combination of mint julep and mint chocolate chip.

That didn’t happen.

This ice cream almost didn’t happen at all. I was near the end of my rope with this one.

Foresight isn’t always my strong-suit, so I had no idea I would need a mint plant prior to making this ice cream. I bought some grocery store mint instead, thinking that it would do the trick.

So I steeped the living heck out of the mint leaves for 2 hours. And I whipped up a custard during the premiere of my favorite show, just so I could get my hands on the finished product asap.


But when I added the bourbon, something weird happened. Bourbon has a strong smell, I know that. But this smell was unlike anything else. Kind of a combination of rotten milk, old leaves and strong alcohol. Sure I was overthinking things, I put it in the fridge to tackle the next day.


My stomach turns just looking at it

It didn’t get any better. For the first time in my ice cream career, I couldn’t bring myself to churn it and I poured it down the drain.

Back to my sad, defeated square one again…


Okay back to the drawing board here. Since bourbon didn’t go well directly into the ice cream, how about something mixed into the ice cream?

So, a new idea was born. Regular minty ice cream with either a bourbon sauce on top or a bourbon-infused chocolate chips. But which one? After much deliberation, I chose to do both.

When I made them however, it was clear the chocolate sauce was the clear winner. And yes, it became a chocolate sauce instead of chips.


Ice cream round 2 turned out much much better. The ice cream is minty fresh while still being smooth and luxurious.

I layered it with the chocolate sauce. Let me tell you a little something about this sauce; it is like a rich chocolate and only at the very end do you get a little punch from the bourbon. Incredible!


The bourbon sauce basically became bourbon with butter in it. Not what you want on top of your ice cream, right?



I promised that I would share every part of this ice cream journey with you, so I am. I very badly wanted to just tell you about the wonderful mint ice cream I made and forget that other one, but I couldn’t bring myself to lie.

I’m not perfect (nowhere close) and failures happen, especially in cooking. But it is okay! Isn’t that great, it is okay!


I ended up with a delicious ice cream that gave me a good opportunity to spend a little time away from the books and look up.

Life is brighter than my desk lamp and more delicious than this gum I keep chewing nervously.


I got highball glasses just for this occasion

So next Derby, think of me. That silly girl who was dead-set on making mint julep ice cream but ended up with something better instead.

Ready for a fun fact?! I’ve always been told that I have the face of my mom’s side with the body of my dad’s side. I didn’t realize how much I looked like my mom’s side of the family until one time I saw some old slides on a projector. My Poppop’s sister, Mary, could have passed as my twin. The amount we look alike is frightening, even down to the way we squint at the sun. I look at her and see myself in a different era, one I would have loved to live in. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!

Very soon we’ll be off to the races, but until then, Hold Your Horses missy!


Have a great week everyone, stop back soon! Scoop ya later!



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