The New Neapolitan

titleWelcome back to my favorite folks! I’ve missed getting a chance to blab to you all lately, but now I’m back for good.

If you would like a break from political jibber-jabber, keep reading!


Today’s ice cream was a flavor that just kept evolving, even as I was making it. it started out as a swirl of two ice creams, but then I decided to add a third and then come cookies, ya know just because.

Somehow my favorite ice cream flavor recently has become coffee. Coffee everything! It solves all problems, and you can sandwich your day with it in the morning and as a late night snack.

School has become a whirlwind lately, with waves of extreme stress and others with nothin. So it was a little hard to squeeze in this monster of a flavor. It became a study break. Then while it chilled, it would be back to the lab reports.

Let’s face a fact. Who really likes neapolitan ice cream? Three flavors in one container, and someone will always finish off the chocolate first, so you have to choose between strawberry or vanilla. Ice cream should not be a disappointment and neapolitan is just that. My new flavor is the ultimate combination of delicious so everyone can be happy about the scoop they get.

The new neapolitan is made up of three classic ice creams: coffee, brown sugar and sweet cream. It was meant to be like a traditional cup of coffee, but white sugar ice cream would just be too plain, so I switched some things up.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure:

I totally wish I had more than one churning bowl, because mine has to freeze for at least 24 hours before you can use it again. So this ice cream actually took three full days to make!

They all followed the basic process, so I will kinda condense the tale into a summary of all three.

First, the egg yolk and sugar mixture. I learned that it is so much easier to just whip them in a saucepan and then temper the entire cream mixture into it. Yay for efficiency (every engineer’s dream is 100% efficiency)!

Next, the heating of the creams and tempering. This thermometer has been a lifesaver. I can actually take some decent pictures during the custardization (making that a word now) process now!

I ran into a slight snag with the coffee ice cream. The recipe called for me to use whole coffee beans and to let them steep for 20 minutes. Well, I used ground coffee and it turned into a gross overcooked goop. So it had to be tossed, but not before a quick picture to show my fans with steel stomachs! See that peace sign looking thing in the left picture? Cool right! That wasn’t intentional.

Putting these flavors into pints was a challenge. I wanted to have them be divided while they froze, but I had no real way to do that. So I used my trusty cardstock covered in wax paper and sprayed with cooking spray to do the trick. It actually works like a charm but it is a real pain to make them. I was wishing for my own 3D printer to print out some plastic dividers. And actually while I am writing this, I found a company that sells pint dividers, so nevermind. Crisis avoided!

I wanted to spruce up the sweet cream ice cream a bit. So I thought, what goes better with coffee than a biscuit? My grandmother was born in Ireland, so she loves Digestive cookies with all of her cups of tea. An odd name for a great cookie! I bought chocolate covered ones, so Mommom, I think you’d really like this one.


Results and Discussion:

YUM! That is all that needs to be said. This is a scoopable ice cream for sure. Maybe don’t even bother scooping it out since you will probably end up eating the whole pint in one sitting.


The coffee ice cream is just as I wanted it to be: bracing.Sometimes, I really like my morning coffee light as cream. Other days, it’s practically black. Depends on my day and my mood (its been pretty much black lately). Because it would get diffused by the other flavors, the coffee ice cream needed to make itself known right away. The brown sugar is nice and warm, like a kitchen around Christmas. The sweet cream is not to be missed either, its nice and creamy with a bit of a cookie crunch. This ice cream is meant to be scooped with all three at once. So each scoop would have all three flavors, that’s where it is different from the original neapolitan.


The colors of these flavors are really nice too. Like a gradient, or ombre! I love having a flavor that was really blended three flavors together. It gives me a new appreciation for mixed flavors in scoop shops. They are a lot of work! But I really didn’t mind. Ice cream is my second pride and joy (the first is Beaker of course). It gives me a chance to get my hands dirty and take a break from all of this darn schoolwork and life stress. 26-the-new-neopilitian-2413

When I make ice cream, there is no time to think about the exams coming up or worse, boys (they still have cooties right?). I do find myself thinking about the properties of thermodynamics, which is pretty bad. The other day I found myself explaining the process of boiling to my roommate while she was trying to make pasta. Nerd alert! Not as bad if you admit it right?


Ready freddy for my fun fact? Here it comes! I got a new sister!!!! My brother got married last weekend, and it was such a gorgeous night. The love was pretty much visible it was so real. I had a great time being a bridesmaid and an even better time dancing the whole reception. I think I shocked my family by my dance stamina. When my dad slow danced with me he said to me “you know I am supposed to lead right?”. To which I responded: “Yeah that’s not happening. I always lead”. The independent streak in me runs deep.


Good luck finding a better family than this one

Well friends, I’ve gotta go put together a presentation about graphene now; I know hold onto your hats! I’m here if you need any more laughs about my kooky life! Scoop ya later!




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