Nutella Cray Cray


Y’all, if you ever attended college you know how the end of the semester “creeps” up on professors. That’s where I am currently writing from; the warzone. Things are a little bleak, even the sun has given up for a bit.

I apologize so dearly for leaving you for what seems like forever. But let’s dive back in shall we?


Nutella. Who in their right mind can resist this sinful spread to replace peanut butter in their sandwiches. It’s made by Ferrero which is the company that makes the famous Ferrero Rocher candies. They are directly correlated with my Mommom in my head who always gets her favorite candy for one of her Christmas gifts.

But Nutella ice cream is so frequently done. Nutella is in everything, so of course I had to spice it up. What would be something different to put into this ice cream that hasn’t been done before?

Craisins that’s what!

The better-looking cousin of the raisin, craisins are a commonplace item in my pantry. Not necessarily because of me, but my little hamster son.

I first got Beaker to climb into my hand by giving him a craisin. Since then, he’s definitely had too many, which is probably the leading cause of his diabetes.

So thanks to Beaker for my inspiration. If you’ve finally learned to escape your cage and are reading this, I will give you thank you squishes.


Nutella is an easy to find and work with ingredient, as are craisins. Because they are dehydrated cranberries, you don’t have to battle with the whole high water content of fruit debacle.

One of the best parts of making this ice cream is that the Nutella container had a snowman on it, and who could resist the cuteness of a snowman? Not to mention I could have some Nutella snacks as I made this. Just quality testing the ingredients to make sure it is consistently yummy.



Experimental Procedure and Apparatus:

Between studying for exams, designing brewery equipment and deciphering the shambles of my social life, I made nine pints of ice cream this weekend. That’s right, 9! I made eight of them for a tasting I am doing with a food club on campus. It was actually pretty fun to make the ice cream in such large batches. Like separating nine egg yolks! Who needs parties when you can have this kind of excitement?


When I got around to making this ice cream, it was practically clockwork. Whip the eggs, warm the milk and temper the bejeesus out of it. Whisk in the nutella and bam! Well I wasn’t quite finished there, but mostly.



Some bloggers will make a recipe a few times to test it and work out all the bugs. And when they take the photos of the process, they are neat and clean. I would like to distinguish that this is not the method I follow. You, dear friend, are joining me on my maiden voyage of the idea. The pictures follow me on my first time making the ice cream. So yes, things get awfully messy and quite sticky. But it turns out tasty, so that’s what matters in the end.

Because of the aforementioned nine pints, I had to double up on the equipment. I have gotten a new ice cream maker (thanks to a kind donation by my wonderful Aunt), so I could make 2 batches at once. My roommate and I laughed at my version of double-fisting, double-churning.


I added some dried cherries to the craisins, because they are a current obsession of mine. I eat them every morning in my oatmeal. It is about 79.856% of the reason I jump out of bed in the morning.



Nutella fans, jump in line to try this one! Craisin haters, get in line too. You will like it more than you think you will.

This ice cream is smoooooooooth. That’s practically smooth cubed. It is definitely pintable; perfect for eating by the pint. Just as I can eat a whole jar of Nutella, I could eat a whole pint of this. The craisins don’t get too hard and give a nice little change in texture.


Isn’t this just the most darling little cup? It was handmade and a little cracked. 

I don’t think this flavor needs a lot of flavor description, just think of a craisin that you dipped in Nutella and then froze it. Viola, Nutella Cray Cray!



Why Nutella Cray Cray? I know what you are thinking, Alanna you’ve gone too far with the name on this one. Nutella gone crazy, with craisins! Or as my mom and I often remark about our days, “cray-cray”.


Okay I think I have kept you waiting long enough, why am I designing brewery equipment you ask?

For my heat transfer class, our final design project is to design a heat exchanger for a part of the brewing process. Specifically, the wort chiller. I suggest giving it a Google if you are interested, it’s pretty darn cool. I’ve learned a lot about how I work best. Like a carrot dangled in front of a bunny, I am motivated by food. If you take a normal problem and switch out ‘wall’ for ‘turkey’ I promise you I will get it done faster.

So designing this heat exchanger is tough, but its got food in it, so all is good!


Alanna fun fact time, if you are ready for it. This one is a twist on a common interview question , where do you see yourself in 10 years? Of course I could tell you that I’d like to be married and be a mom while also creating ice cream flavors that revolutionize the world. But eh, that’s not a guarantee/ not even on my radar. What is part of my concrete future plan are pets! I will one day own a Palomino colored mare named Sassafras, and she will be every bit as sassy as I am. And I will get an Old English Sheepdog the second I can afford it and name him Maple. I cannot wait to fill my house with lovable fluffs who enjoy hugs more than Beaker does (but he’s getting better).

Well my friends, think of me in the coming weeks. Finals start in just about a week and to say I’m petrified would be an understatement. But I’ve got flavors planned in the nooks and crannies of my brain to bring to you soon! Visit back okay? Scoop ya later!




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