Fresh Start Sherbet


I know it’s not quite 2017 yet, but in my mind I’ve already wrapped up 2016 and sent it away. So how about we celebrate the New Year a little early with a new flavor?


I’m going to be completely honest with you and tell you that New Year’s isn’t one of my favorite holidays. In fact it might be my least favorite. Let me give you a recap of my past 20 New Year’s Eve celebrations: me and my parents watching TV until I decide I’ve had enough and go to bed. Always before midnight because what’s the point of staying up? I don’t anticipate this one going any differently either.

But a new year is an exciting thought. Another trip around the sun, and I love to travel! A new year is also a good chance to renew yourself. To leave behind all that nonsense you dealt with in the previous year and step into the new one on the right foot.

Who knows what this year might hold for me? I hope it’s filled with adventures and moments that will be etched in your mind forever, like a picture.

This sherbet was made with these thoughts and a big dose of hopefulness.


So this is not exactly an ice cream, but a sherbet. The difference is that a sherbet does not contain any eggs or heavy cream. It is more similar to a sorbet, except that it has milk in it.

I often think of a new year as a new palette. Either a paint palette or a taste palette. And when going from one course to another, you need to cleanse that palette. To me, lemon is the best way to do that. Lemon is such a refreshing flavor, so it is the way to go when transitioning from one year to another.


Fresh Start Sherbet is a lemon sherbet with lemon sugar cookies mixed throughout. It packs a serious lemon zing with the hidden sweetness from the sugar cookie.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure:

First things first, I had to do a bit of baking. And a baker I am not. Sure I can follow a recipe and plop it in the oven, but I have a habit of checking on it too many times. I basically let out all the heat and it either ends up not done enough or done too much.



These cookies were no exception. But for the purposes of sherbet, they were perfect. I wanted a lemon sugar cookie that didn’t get too crunchy, but remained pretty soft. They got rolled in lemon sugar before they got baked. Word of advice; when the recipe says to space them out on the sheet, listen to it. Or guess what? You will end up with a mega-cookie that you have to break apart into something resembling a normal cookie.

This sherbet was as easy as it gets. Heat some milk and lemon zest. Then chill it.


Finally add the lemon juice. This was the trickiest part, because it had a real chance of curdling and turning into buttermilk. But with a strong wrist and a good whisk, it turned out smooth.

A quick churn in my mom’s machine and viola! Sherbet! dsc_0703



Sherbet lacks the fat molecules that ice cream does, which act as a barrier between the freezing water molecules. That is why ice cream does not turn into a solid block of ice, because it has the milk fat bodyguards between the ice. Sherbet however, gets quite solid and takes a while to scoop. If you try to make scoops with it before it is properly softened, you will end up with ice shavings. But enough about texture, what about taste?


Oh boy friends! If you even think you like lemon, you will love this. It has enough lemon flavor to transport you to a hot summer day when you are drinking lemonade. Made in the shade of course. But in all honesty, this flavor screams refreshing and renews even the most worn out of tastebuds.

It doesn’t taste anything like that frozen lemonade concoction at the grocery store. No, this is real lemon. Squeezed by hand by yours truly. And the cookie pieces break it up perfectly so you don’t forget its a handmade flavor made with love.



I’ve wanted to make a lemon flavor for a while, but I just wasn’t sure how to execute it. Lemon flavored ice cream sounds tasty, but too heavy. Lemon is light and airy, which I don’t think would vibe well with a heavy, full-fat ice cream. So I took my first stroll down Sherbet Lane for this flavor. That doesn’t mean that I’ll be making sherbets all the time now. I’ve got an ice cream flavor planned for next week, and it requires the richness of a custard to carry the flavor.


This Christmas season has flown by, hasn’t it? My Christmas Day was a whirlwind of activity, but I got to see all my siblings and best buds. My cousins and I made quite a ruckus at the dinner table when we caught a bad case of the giggles that ended in crying from laughter. This is essentially how my Christmas was spent, making faces:


I hardly ever make a New Year’s Resolution because I think they are full of hooey. But this year I’ve got one I would like to share. I am going to try to have more patience in 2017. With myself, with other people and with the course of life. Life doesn’t go according to the pace that I set. It just goes and I’ve got to swim along with it. Wish me luck!

Here’s my last fun fact of 2016! When I was younger, I found this stuffed pony that was rainbow-colored. I think she cost $3 and I offered to pay for her with my very own money because I just had to have her. I promptly named her Sherbet and she’s lived in my room for about 10+ years now. One day, I woke up with her ear next to my face. I suppose I was aggressive in my sleep and ripped it off? Either way it was terrifying to wake up to.

Check back in with me very soon, because I’m thinking up a brand-new flavor! I’m very excited about this one. Or even better, follow me and subscribe to find out whenever I post! Share your resolutions in the comments below. Until next time, scoop ya later!



3 thoughts on “Fresh Start Sherbet

  1. My New Years resolution will be to be more independent. I’m going to live in the big bad city all by myself and I’m excited! About the flavor- I don’t like citrus desserts but to me this isn’t a dessert- it’s a snack! And I like lemon snacks!!


  2. Wow who are those two girls in this picture? Gorgeous image. Just beautiful. I’m not sure you ever told me about you Sherbet ear removal experience. Sounds terrifying and I’m glad I made you dislike sleeping next to me when we were outta beds in the beach house 😓🍝. Also, I want to try a flavor soon!


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