Kickin’ Cornbread


How’s 2017 treating everyone so far? Great? Good to hear! Let’s dive right into this new flavor!


I’ve mentioned before how much I wish I was a native Southern girl. This ice cream flavor is another ode to my southern at heart soul.

There are very few foods that I will eat until I feel sick. The sweet potato casserole I wrote about before is one of them. And the deadliest one is cornbread. I have been known to eat cornbread for all meals of the day, even if it is slightly stale.

Something about a hot piece of cornbread with some melted butter on top makes me swoon more than almost anything else in this world could. I think I am verging on a cornbread addiction. I could stop at any time, but I really just don’t want to.

Why not make my favorite carbohydrate into an ice cream? But not just any cornbread, it has to have a nice kick to it. And that, boys and girls, is where the jalapeno come in.


How does one capture the taste and utter beauty of cornbread in a smooth ice cream? I decided on the only way I know how; steeping.

My mom’s favorite cornbread recipe has the main ingredient of buttermilk. So in addition to the steeped cornbread milk, I would have a base of buttermilk to achieve the maximum cornbread flavor.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure:

There was only one way to start this flavor making. And that was with…you guessed it, the cornbread! I’ve never made it myself, but it is actually quite an easy process. The baking is what takes the longest. I was pretty distracted when making the bread, so I threw it in the oven and set the timer without thinking. About 15 minutes later, I realized I forgot to put in the jalapenos, the most important part!


I improvised, stuck holes in the partially baked crust of bread and shoved down some jalapenos.


While it cooled and after I had a quality control slice, it was time for the ice cream base. I simply heated the cream and added in some cornbread to sit for a while, like a hot tub. When that was finished and I had the lovely job of creating a pile of soggy cornbread mush, the custard had to be made.


One of the most beautiful things I find about this process is the perfect egg yolks and sugar in the saucepan. Before I whisk them together into a cream-like mixture, they just sit there. Every single week I take a picture of it because I just find it so pretty.


After the custard has been formed, I added in the buttermilk and let it all incorporate while it chilled.


Then time for the big churn! In the last few seconds, I tossed in some jalapeno chunks and little bite-size cornbreads. I made sure to get rid of any crumbs so the cornmeal wouldn’t mess up the texture of the ice cream.


My family doesn’t care for this flavor. But don’t let them tell you it is bad. Just step right outside that comfort zone of chocolate and vanilla and take a walk on the wild side.

This is not your average sweet flavor, with sugar spice and everything nice. Nope, this is a real ice cream flavor to appeal to your inner grit.


I find this flavor to be phenomenal. The tartness of the buttermilk really got carried across and adds a nice tang. The taste of the steeped cornbread is also present, but its much more muted.

The occasional spoonful has a cornbread chunk for a little surprise for your mouth. And the spiciness is just right. The jalapenos are in there, but you don’t taste it until after you swallow. Just a little tinge of hotness to wake up your senses!

You may not have realized this yet, but I am very dedicated to keeping you and your taste buds on their toes.



Southern people, and people who are southern at heart, love cornbread and they love ice cream. So why not mix them together into a beautiful meld of a flavor? Please don’t knock this flavor. Just stick it in the back of your mind, and when you have a spare second, give it some thought. It won’t be as weird as you originally considered it.

I think it’s about darn time people started branching out in their ice cream flavors. At least try a baby spoonful! Or as my parernts say “give it the ole college try.”


Today’s fun fact is about a traditional southern habit I have. I wear makeup almost every single day. And I like to. I enjoy the process of putting it on and for some reason, I am better able to concentrate during the day. But just because I prefer to wear makeup doesn’t mean I am lacking confidence in my natural appearance. I just love it!

I say this is a southern thing based on the song lyric of my very favorite country singer: Miranda Lambert. In her song “Mama’s Broken Heart”, she mentions her having to fix her makeup.


Well y’all I hope you have a great week and spend it thinking about ice cream. Maybe if you stumble across a spectacular idea for a flavor, mention it in the comments? And if you find yourself drooling about Kickin’ Cornbread ice cream, know you’re not alone.

Until next week, Scoop ya later!



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