Bubblefruit Sorbet


Welcome to part 2 of my grapefruit series! Today’s flavor is a different take on grapefruit than last week’s.


Grapefruit itself is a very pretty fruit. It is a delicate color, which sometimes renders a delicate flavor. This week’s flavor takes on all the girlyness of a tutu. Brings me back to the day(s) when I did ballet. I’m pretty sure I stopped because my mother realized my coordination will always be at an infant level.

Back to grapefruit! I got distracted there for a second. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this flavor, shall we?


Similar to last week, this was not an ice cream. This was a sorbet. And since I sometimes get all these terms mixed up in my head, as I’m sure you do too, I made a little infographic on the differences between ice cream types. Happy learning!


As I’ve said before, adding alcohol doesn’t mean the ‘ice cream’ won’t freeze. It will just remain softer, and give it more of a smooth texture. The same goes for this sorbet, mostly. More on that mostly part later.

And since there isn’t too much science behind this flavor, I’ll talk about its name here. Yes I made up the word ‘bubblefruit’ because it’s a grapefruit champagne flavor. So champagne + grapefruit = bubblefruit, get it?

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure:

In terms of complexity, this may have been the most simple flavor I’ve ever made. It required little to no effort, except for juicing the grapefruits and opening the champagne. I am scared of opening soda cans, let alone a glass bottle of bubbly!

bubblefruit sorbet 016.jpg


So first, I combined about one cubic crystal of sugar (give or take a few) and the champagne.

bubblefruit sorbet 020.jpg

Once it melted, I added the grapefruit juice and a little more bubbly. And then guess what? That was it!

bubblefruit sorbet 014.jpg

bubblefruit sorbet 023.jpg

I chilled it, churned it and froze it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! or maybe grapefruit squeezy is better!

bubblefruit sorbet 028.jpg

bubblefruit sorbet 030.jpg


Who knew this would turn out to be such a beautiful flavor. I’m not just talking about the taste here, I am talking about looks. It scoops so perfectly and looks so appetizing! Not all of my ice creams scoop nicely and it becomes a battle of me and my scoop against the pint. I usually come out of it with my hands frozen and covered in ice cream.

bubblefruit sorbet 065.jpg

But taste. My oh my this is yummy. It strikes a nice balance between the two main flavor players. You can taste the slight zing of the grapefruit and the fruitiness of the champagne in every spoonful.

Imagine it as a more grown-up version of the ices you had as a kid. It’s like that but much much more smooth. No ice crystals here!

bubblefruit sorbet 070.jpg


As I spoke of before, my mother does not drink. So when she visited me at school this week, she had a chance to try this flavor. And a half of a spoonful later, she told me it was much too strong. Her motherly advice was “don’t eat this and go talk to somebody. They will think you are drunk”. Well, we are all entitled to our opinions, right?

In all seriousness, the champagne flavor has tipped the scales in the flavor game. As it settles in, it has really had time to shine. I don’t find it to be overpowering, but to some it might be.

bubblefruit sorbet 037.jpg

Now, back to that ‘mostly’ I said before. The champagne mixed with the grapefruit juice and formed a type of syrup in the pint. It tastes good on top of each scoop though! No reason to call it a failure!

Fun fact time. This week I made a scarf. I love to crochet, and I have a favorite infinity scarf, but the colors don’t go with everything. So I thought I’d make one just like it in a better color. I found a pattern and followed it to a t…so I thought. Turns out I can’t read and did it wrong the first time. So I unwound it and retried, following the directions correctly. Well, it was way too short! It could barely do one loop around my neck, let alone 2 or 3! Yup, I unwound it a second time and tried again. This time I made it much longer and worked away, knowing it was going to be good. And when I finished, I realized it is basically as long as I am tall. I can wrap it so many times around my neck you can barely see my face. It’s a work in progress. I’m not giving up on my scarf just yet!

Well, it’s come to that time again. Time for me to return to my books and stare at some problems I don’t know how to solve, aka homework. Thanks for being such awesome fans, and come back really soon for another great flavor!

Have a good week and scoop ya later!

bubblefruit sorbet 076.jpg


One thought on “Bubblefruit Sorbet

  1. The color was pretty, but I’m not an alcohol fan. Also YOUR a champion Irish dancer, so ballet was not your style but Irish dance suits you perfectly.


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