Alanna’s Bananas Ice Cream


Please tell me that the name of this ice cream made you smile a little bit. Just the slightest hint of a smile. When your name just happens to rhyme with banana, you just can’t resist. I know you’re dying to know what is Alanna bananas about? Well lets dive right into it!


I would like to start by thanking the Lord that this week is over! It went as fast as molasses left out in the snow. That slow. But I can’t wait to share this flavor with you. I’ve been sneaking spoonfuls all week!

The speed of school is picking up for sure. In just one day next week, I will have a report due, perform an experiment, take an exam and attend a professional dinner. Woah. I bet I’ll get all my 10000 steps in on that day!


Bananas are a staple in my apartment. Usually they are either green or totally brown. I don’t know what happens in between. It’s magic I’m pretty sure. So, with an abundance of bananas, I set out to make Bananas Foster Ice Cream.

“Nice” cream is all the rage right now on the Internet. It’s basically a frozen blended banana that you can pretend is ice cream if you close your eyes and spin three times counterclockwise. Call me crazy, but I really prefer my ice cream to have dairy. All the dairy. That is why it is a dessert!

So no, this is not a “nice” cream flavor. This is a banana ice cream with swirls of bananas foster sauce and toasted pecans. And it’s as bit as sinful as it sounds.

The process of making traditional bananas foster involves making a caramel-like sauce and browning bananas. It also calls for you to set some rum on fire at the end of it, to finish off the carmelization process.

When the rum is ignited, it speed up the process of caramelizing the sugars in the dish. It’s a type of Browning, in which foods are given their signature color and taste. In this case, the rum brings out the flavor of the caramelized bananas and their sweetness.

Think about all of those tiny lattice sugar crystals just having their own little rager over the hot pan; making new friends (forming new bonds), drinking and forgetting the friends they came with (breaking bonds).

Science is pretty cool, eh?

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure:

First I made the banana ice cream, before the magic banana elves came and ruined my perfectly ripened bananas. It was a simple base, something I haven’t done in a while.


Boil the milk, temper in the eggs, make a custard. I was a little out of practice and almost made some fancy scrambled eggs again. It was a close one.


Next up, smush the bananas. It is oddly fun to essentially make baby food out by just mashing them with a fork. I whisked it in, let it cool a bit, and then added the cream.


Next up was the bananas foster sauce, but it was more of a goop consistency. I added the rum, but I couldn’t really light it up and cause a big commotion because…well I’m in university housing and I don’t think they’d really approve of that.



I was going to toast the pecans after it was finished, but my roommates decided to go to bed at 9:58 PM so I didn’t want to wake them with 10 minutes of rattling pecans in a saucepan. It was odd being the last one up in my apartment. Usually I’m the granny who goes to bed first.

The next day, it was churning time!


Then layering with the heavenly goop and pinting.


Then clean up. But that part really isn’t too much fun.


I really was wowed by this flavor. It has a gold star in my book of flavors. It’s sweet, no doubt about that, but not overly so. The rum in the sauce keeps the ice cream the perfect soft consistency for a passing spoonful. And the banana chunks in the sauce are perfectly encased in a waterfall of wonderfulness.


I hope you are imagining a Niagara Falls of bananas foster sauce and a single banana slice floating down in an inner tube. No? Just me? Yeah I’m not surprised.

This flavor is unique in that it is both scoopable and pintable. It’s good for all occasions. There’s nothing not to love about this little spunky flavor.


Bananas are the most standard fruit I can think of. They are cheap and accessible almost anywhere. Oftentimes, companies skew banana flavor into the artificial realm. And while I really do love a banana Laffy Taffy, that wasn’t what I wanted for my ice cream. I strive to make my ice creams as homemade tasting as possible. Because they are as homemade as it gets. It’s just one girl in her cow apron whizzing around her kitchen. And I hope that homemade taste and secret ingredient of love still sneak their way into all my pints. No matter if I work for a company or start my own, I hope every single person tastes my little Alanna flair.


Also, while I am on a long-winded note, I would like to thank all those who support me. Not just in my ice cream endeavors, but in life. My parents are the best people I know, and who I can call at 10 PM (4AM old people time) to tell about a missing cookbook I found. My sister also wins all the prizes for best human. Even though she’s starting a new job and buying a house, she always finds a quick second to see how I’m doing.

Finally, I’d like to send a big dose of love and thanks to my roomies. Coming from a single dorm room last year, I wasn’t sure how having roommates again was going to be. But these girls have pretty much turned into some of my greatest pals and confidants. When one has a bad day (and there are plenty), we all do. And we will listen as the other explains just what was so sucky about the day. They make me laugh and never let me cry in corners (that’s not allowed in 305).


I’ll make it a short fun fact today. I love flare jeans. I think they are such a cool look and makes me have an extra dose of confidence wearing them. Even if I get some very strange looks, I like them. So much so that I have 3 pairs. So look out skinnies, you’ve got some competition!

Well that just about wraps up my weekly life blurb. Stay bundled, wear smart shoes (ballet flats make your feet mobile ice cubes), and come back next week for another equally awesome ice cream flavor. Scoop ya later!



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