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Welcome! My name is Alanna and I’m super excited you’re here! I wanna tell you a little bit more about me. I am a chemical engineering student at Villanova University. Why would I want to voluntarily enter into one of the hardest majors, you ask? Let me tell you a little story: A younger Alanna had no idea what she wanted to do with her life (possibly sod farming or nail polish naming), until one day she visited the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in Vermont. When she peered in the little window to the product development lab, her heart yearned to belong there. So, with a hope of one day walking into that magical palace called the flavor development lab, she chose chemical engineering.

When I fell in love with Vermont, Ben & Jerry's and cartoon cows.

When I fell in love with Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s and cartoon cows.

And that’s how its been ever since! People laugh when I wholeheartedly tell them that I will be working for Ben & Jerry’s one day, but they’ll see. So, in order to start on my yellow brick road to the great and wonderful Ben and Jerry, I’ve decided to start making ice cream, and telling the world about it.  Join me on this journey as I enter into the world of ice cream. I’m sure, in typical me fashion, there will be some terrible fails with some unexpected and unplanned successes. I can’t wait to start and have you with me!


8 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Thank you so much for the follow, and for sharing my love with LBI! Since you love ice cream I’m sure you’ve hit up all the ice cream shops in the island (can’t forget Skipper Dipper!) You have an awesome blog, and you love ice cream just as much as me, too! 🙂 Can’t wait to browse through it a bit more.


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