How do you say your name?

      Al-anna, it rhymes with “banana” or its Atlanta without the “t”.

What else do you do other than think about ice cream?

     As a full-time student, most of my time is taken up with studying and homework. But occasionally, I have some time off. And when that happens, my crafting levels go through the roof. Some of my favorite things that I’ve made are my hexagon quilt, my seaglass sign and my United States map. I’ve always had a creative streak and the dawn of Pinterest has only helped to fuel it. Some of my other hobbies include horseback riding, photography, reading and cooking.



Fabric scrap map of the United States:

Why ice cream? Why not some other food?

    Why not ice cream? I have only happy memories of ice cream, even the time I dropped my freshly scooped ice cream on the sidewalk looking for my mom. Ice cream is a year-round food; to be eaten on a warm summer evening watching a sunset over the bay as well as for dinner on a winter night after a really bad week. It is a universally loved food, now people who can’t have dairy can eat it! Of all the things in the world, I don’t think ice cream is the worst to be addicted to.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

    Wow. That’s like asking my mom which is her favorite kid (its me, in case you were wondering). If its vanilla or chocolate, I will always go chocolate. Which exact flavor depends on the ice creamery. Sometimes I like birthday cake, which is so sweet it’ll make your teeth hurt. Other times, I like chocolate raspberry. But there is a fail-proof flavor combination in all foods, not just ice cream, and that is chocolate and peanut butter. Load it on and pass it my way! Pretty much, if its ice cream, I’ll love it.

How do you know how to make ice cream?

    My mom is the best cook I know. And according to her, no meal is ever complete without a little dessert. Or even sometimes, the dessert is the meal. She has made homemade ice cream every summer as far as I can remember. We used to have this huge ice cream churner that we kept in the basement and had to pour ice and salt into the basin. It would make such a racket! Finally we upgraded to a smaller ice cream machine that only required you to freeze the bowl and then pour in your base and let it churn away. Just recently, my mom got another upgraded machine, this one is self-freezing, ooh! But throughout these eras of ice cream machines, she’s only made one flavor; vanilla. Boring! So, with her assistance, I will start my journey with vanilla, but quickly jump off that train. Sorry to any die-heart vanilla fans, I just don’t see the attraction of it.

What camera do you use? 

    My dear camera is a Nikon D-40. It’s one of my prized possessions and its been through thick and thin with me. I prefer to take pictures of things, usually flowers, over people. I hope its ready to get pretty messy!

 *Update*: I just got my mom’s old camera, a Nikon D90. I’m super excited to learn a new camera and give it a new life full of ice cream scoops!

I’ve got an idea for a great flavor, but I don’t know what to do with it.

You’ve come to the right place friend! I’d love to hear all about your flavor idea. Here’s what you can do: simply comment on one of my posts with the flavor idea in as much detail as you find necessary. I will put it into my book of ideas and one day do some research and whip it up! Sound good? Now get those thinking caps on!

Why don’t you post recipes with your flavor posts?

Well, most of my flavors are proprietary to me. Meaning that I have thought these up, researched them, and compiled an original recipe. So I don’t post recipes because I’d like to keep them to myself for the time being. Maybe if I become the next Jeni (of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream of course!), I’ll come out with a cookbook. But until then…


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