Alanna’s Bananas Ice Cream


Please tell me that the name of this ice cream made you smile a little bit. Just the slightest hint of a smile. When your name just happens to rhyme with banana, you just can’t resist. I know you’re dying to know what is Alanna bananas about? Well lets dive right into it!

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Caramel Egg Surprise


I’m taking a break from packing up my room before heading back to school this weekend. How is it possible that I diffused every belonging of mine across every square inch of this house? Let’s forget the “school” word and dive into some mid-winter ice cream, shall we?

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Outta Left Field Ice Cream

Welcome! A new week, a new flavor! This week has been filled with sunny days and gorgeous temperatures. I cannot tell you the amount of times I wished I was sitting on the beach watching the waves instead of the occasional glance up from my textbooks to observe the parking lot.

According to my countdown (yes I already have one going), it is only 238 days until summer break next year. Well that makes it sound so much longer, but think about it this way; the next time it gets warm, it will be summer vacation! Continue reading

Dirty Blondie Macchaito

Ah fall. I am sure it is about to set in for some parts of the country, but its not here yet. Not even close, when yesterday it was 93 degrees with high humidity. I think the name of this season should be renamed to pumpkin spice. After summer comes pumpkin spice, then winter. Because honestly, that’s all I’ve been seeing! I have a very unpopular opinion about it… I dislike pumpkin flavored things. So instead of welcoming pumpkin spice season with just that, I decided to make another popular drink. Caramel Macchaito.  Continue reading

Brownies with Low Morals Ice Cream

Maybe you’ve heard about a very popular type of brownie… one that pleases everyone. It goes by a the name of slutty brownie. But in my house, nearly everything is considered a curse word by my mom. Like that sporting goods store Dick’s. Well we call it Richard’s.

So when the slutty brownie craze hit our house, my mom was not too pleased with the name of this delicious treat. It was promptly changed to brownies with low moral values.

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Dulce Delicious: Ritz Toffee Ice Cream

Happy Summer everyone! Oh wait, it’s not summer yet? Well for me it finally is and I couldn’t be happier about it. This semester has finally come to a close and let me tell you, it was a hectic one.

To celebrate summer, I decided to make some ice cream. This time, I made a flavor of my own creation. I wanted to combine vaguely savory and very sweet flavors. Continue reading

Ben & Jerry: Good to the Core

The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming everywhere!

It’s a beautiful time on campus…except for the fact the the dreaded finals are fast approaching. Projects, essays and exams are piling up faster than I can keep up with!

But, my dear sister knows just how to lift my out of my work sinkhole. She bought me two of Ben & Jerry’s new core flavors as a surprise. I’ve been craving these bad boys since they were unveiled on Snapchat earlier this year.

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