Polaris Ice Cream


Another week has gone by. But this was not like the others. If you live in the Northeast, you know we had a spring day with a temperature of 64 and a snow day the next. It was a week that had everybody’s favorite things in it. A little warmth and a little ice, best of both worlds.

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Lazy Glazy Sundae-y

Phew! I’m back y’all and I am alive! School got beyond crazy for a little there. I’m talking exams until 11 pm and twenty page reports  due all in the same day kinda crazy.

Today, I thought I would format this ice cream tale like the lab reports I’ve been writing so many of. Here goes: Continue reading

Marissa’s Zippy Hot Chocolate

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope everyone is lounging on a sun-soaked beach getting those last rays of summer like me. Oh wait, Hermine kinda messed up that plan in a big way. After battening down every hatch on our house, we ran home before the potential storm surge swept us away. The next morning, instead of waking up to sheets of rain, there was gentle sunshine filtering through my curtains. Wait, what?! Hermine, you are one elusive storm.

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Mom’s Request Ice Cream

Oh my dear friends, I am so sorry I haven’t written in a while.But I’m back now, so lets move forward shall we?

I have been all over the place lately. Mainly, my family went on our annual vacation to Lake George, New York. I’ve been to this magical lake every year since I was born. This year was especially spectacular, because for the first time in known family history, it didn’t rain! I became an otter for the week, always floating in the water.

My mom’s birthday is coming up on the 19th, and she has been suggesting, no demanding, that I make an Almond Joy inspired ice cream. So in her honor, I finally gave in. In a book full of ice cream ideas to make, I made her favorite candy ice cream.

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Brownies with Low Morals Ice Cream

Maybe you’ve heard about a very popular type of brownie… one that pleases everyone. It goes by a the name of slutty brownie. But in my house, nearly everything is considered a curse word by my mom. Like that sporting goods store Dick’s. Well we call it Richard’s.

So when the slutty brownie craze hit our house, my mom was not too pleased with the name of this delicious treat. It was promptly changed to brownies with low moral values.

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S’more PB Please!

Hello friends!

Today’s flavor was inspired by one of my very favorite places on earth: Lake George, New York.

For one week every year, my family and I pack up our truck and boat and head north. Up until recently, we would camp.

No not glamp.

Like real camping.

In a tent. No running water.

Just you and your family on an island.

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Ben & Jerry: Good to the Core

The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming everywhere!

It’s a beautiful time on campus…except for the fact the the dreaded finals are fast approaching. Projects, essays and exams are piling up faster than I can keep up with!

But, my dear sister knows just how to lift my out of my work sinkhole. She bought me two of Ben & Jerry’s new core flavors as a surprise. I’ve been craving these bad boys since they were unveiled on Snapchat earlier this year.

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